Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bead 87

we went to the mountains today, as a family and with a few neigbors
but it was fun
we got an omelet before we left and went to one yardsale 
i love omelets particularly from the place that we got them at today
i sware the cook puts magic into them to make them taste soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
on travling to the mountains it was SOOOOO COLD
it even started to snow for a little while.
i vowed to finish a hat that i had begun in the beginning of the trip.
anhoo back to mountain travels we went to a few little country stores and bought : apples, a gourd, candy, an organic soda and a few other neat stuff including some batick fabric for yours truley.
there were a few saving places within the stores like a nice room with the fire place ,compleatly spooky not on purpose but filled with taxidermy and little hove gun rack :(  its in the middle of no-where what can you do?
Last but not least we went up the park way where i wore the "vowed hat" at the tippy top of the mountain and got some awsome photos of the adjesent one and the various valleys filled with little dot looking cows .

todays bead is a little bit diffrent from the usual and actually has the top of an acorn that i got in the park way.
im not sure if your "allowed" to take natural elements off the parkway but egh

Have a happy tommorow  ^_^

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