Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bead 65 ......squirrel.....yeah that's right

I have two squirrel stories both very random and both containing squirrels that dont value their lives too well. ***************DO NOT WORRY THERE ARE NOT DEAD SQUIRRELS*******************
just thought that you should know that going in and that im not a weirdo (well not in this instance) posting about sad dead squirrels. the first story began early this morning as i was takeing my cousins dog out for a little walk nad in the trees i herd a dramatic ruccus followed by an equally dramatic tumbling of two squirrel and a huge bunch of  leaves which made a huge cracking sound as it hit the ground.It was scary especially in the early morning hours and the sky and squirrel falling or atleast feeling that way to drowsy me.well one squirrel imediatly got up and scampered off leaving his more wind-nocked out of friend behind.I thought the poor thing was dead but i ,soon realised that he was okay just really really needed a rest after the tumble. He got up a few minutes lated and scampered off in the direction that his "friend?" went.
           after that i though that would be the end of my squirrel experience thingys but no after my first class as i was walking down the street to my second class, low and behold a cute little fluffy squirrel attempted to cross four lanes of traffic.i was so terrified for him that i froze and kept telling him "no keep going, slow down, no go that way, dont come back"and other things shrilly. he made it across safely.
and one more time i was confronted with a squirrely situation, a old salt and pepper shaker i bought a while back at a yardsale for like a dollar, isnt it so creepy and cute?
but now to the bead which is ...
have a great weekend stay safe and have fun


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