Friday, October 21, 2011

Bead 78

yes i know what time it is and yes i know it is late
and yes i know that i am a super procrastinater and waited till the day befor a three paged paper and oral report were due to actually start to work on it :(
im going to be up half the night working on it and as i am typing i havent started my bead
so there it is
(i appoligise for the dramatics i get extra crazy when i am sleep deprived)
i have gotten over 1 and half pages done (almost 2)
im tired and yet awake all at the same time ?
i know
i got to see my sister and brother really fast today
and am so thrilled that i did
i love them so much and wish i got to see them more often
but it is what it is
they had halloween decorations out , really cute ones too
my favorite were little plastic ghost dangling from the trees in the yard
so todays bead is a ghost

in retrospect after i got done with those few pages i should have just colapsed to bed but....
i would feel guilty, i have done so many bead so far with very few lapses for days
its like one of my professors included in his sylabus "unless there is a zombie appocolapes or the devil escapes from the pits of hell i will be here"
weird i know but at least reliably wierd

have a magical friday and pray that i can continue on another day
an exausteddddd

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