Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bead 76

stayed home today
was too illish feelig to go to school
so all day i spent burried in blankets and being jumped on by krackers
yep she really knows how to comfort others
she is sweet underneight her fake "tough bunny" exterior
i think she was really trying to check on me

and i also was working on a crocheted hat for my uncle
he better enjoy it and wear it a ton after all the work i have done on it ,the yarn itself cost me 7 buck for one skein, i dont know about yall but that is pretty pricey for me.
cough drops are going to be the main part of my diet off and on over the next few months (weeks hopefully)
but they sure were a big part of today
mama got me citrus kind my favorite
(thanks mama)
and thats what my bead is today
have a good day tomorrow
and i will try to do the same
after tons of meds and warm snuggly clothing


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