Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bead 69

today wasnt a good day ive been feeling bad lately and didnt get the package i have been looking forward to getting .
and i was lied to an told they attempted to deliver it today and left a slip of instructions .
im upset,
and have been all day
i was attempting to study but had a really hard time ,what with the constant migranes, bodyaches, bunny shananigins, and whatever else life threw at me today.
sometimes atleast......
i needed a cave ,an eden, a shell today to sleep ,rest and recuperate.
thats what todays bead is a safe little place to rest.
made from natural colored fibers.
yes there is a little cave dweller living within
i dont know his name, or his occupation

tommorow is bound to be better
Because i am:
 and Sweet.
wish me luck.
now if you forgive me i am going to get the absolute most sleep i can possibly get.

hope tommorow is great for yall too


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