Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bead 84 A Doll House

a wonderful
Beautifly wonderful
I feel as if i can fly
Have you ever felt that way?
I have just gotten back from a magical play
A Doll House
by Henrik Ibsen
adapted by Preston Lane
I  can still here the actors words echoing in my ears

It was a mind f-word that rhymes with duck
that is the only way i can describe it
what is a mind f-word that rhymes with duck you ask?
 it is a situation which calls into question the way your mind currently sees a certain idea or the world in general.
it was so artisticly rivating
i took "illegal" photos
(dont rat me out)
(yes you, i see you there thinking about telling on me... dont do it)
( i mean it)
 manic, very manic, sorry


my body is so tired right now but my mind is soaring
im inspired by it and really want to create art based off of it
if you have a chance to see it GO!!! sell your car ,puppies, children and go!! (okay maybe too much?)
im manic can you tell?
oh so gloriously manic
so todays bead is a doll house

from whence
you are held at arms length to be admired by outsiders
but smotheringly close for fear of fragility
like a doll
to be seen not as a person
but a meir object
 to be played with but not truly loved
damned to be longingly attempting to see the stars
and heavens through the roof "provided"over your  silly head
because you are
nothing but a doll
a song bird
a little squirrel
you are
in a
Doll house

Like it? good because i just came up with it :)
 see art is already coming and it is only the beging
halliluyah for this play
i needed it so much
the weekend is almost here!!

i can fly and i know you can too
so fly my prettys fly
(wizard of Oz snuck in there?)
have a great day tommorow
we are an the final stretch so lets make it a great one

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