Monday, October 10, 2011

Bead 67 random thoughts, random day

My mind has been doing loop-t-loops all day, here are the main things that have been occupying my mind today:

-how much does it cost to buy a mini pig?

-man i want an omelet from that place in the ghetto with all the taxidermy on the wall...

-when will my ring show up?

-why is there nothing good on tv?

-this bread is really good!

-what should my next sculpture be?

-will my show be on soon?

-why was that veggie burger so bad?

-if im allergic to gluten i should probably give up bread :( ...... egh i rather just feel icky and continue eating bread?

-and a whole lot more bumbling thoughts

so todays bead was a bit bumbly too, its a funny poke at taxidermy (which i am totally apposed to and in NO way condone), i also know that my bead isnt that "beady" and is a smidge flat and might end up being a pin or broche? Any hooo I couldn't get the great omelet resturant out of my head, its a HUGE  omelet that takes up a great amount of the platter . I always get the same kind each time bacon and cheese !!! its totally great and never burnt i am EXTREAMLY picky about how my eggs are cooked. and the nice cook usally decorates the top too with little cheese squares and an ity-bitty slice of bacon. so cute, so yummy , so big, so not had today :(
darn ....i know

But back to the bead and cloud-age
i love searching and looking at clouds and "hunting" for animals and funny shapes

i have always done it , and rember doing it with my mom when i was little....
are you a cloud hunter?

A nice new addition a mounted lil cloud, mine for the taking , bwah -ha !
taking clouds out of their misuary? or the youth out of the cloudy pack, flock or covey?
(a covey is a group of quail ^_^ just a usless knowledge tid-bit for you )
either way just be safe when hunting your clouds in this big blue sky of ours
and be sure not to stare at the sun too long.

have a great week

a hungry

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