Sunday, October 2, 2011

bead 59 yardsales and shopping

I am odd as all of you clearly know
today was a wonderfully weird and awsome day, i got to go to so many yardsales and get a TON of great loot
including but not limited to:
a vintage tin metal drawing/blueprint tube
a cute little tape tin
an egg stand
a cool glass vase
more mustache cups
wool scarves
and alot more
(pictures will be uploaded tommorow, yes i love you and want you to see it all)
and at the amish store i got :
various types of cake decorating items
2 cookie cutters (a possible turtle, and a cow)
vanilla beans
candy for my sister ,my brother and i
and as i was exiting after taking half  the little store...
a pumpkin whoopie pie

yes my brain narwal and my tummy did nom, nom, nom!

the sky and day was beautiful and sweet
what with the whoopie pie, candy and great deals .
todays bead is a gummy bear
nice chewy and sweet
and a pretty good size bear

this has got to be one of the cutest to date
its done in a rich pre-dyed pink

i hope tommorow is as great as today was
im mildly nervous about some stuff but i shall survive!!
because i have candy
nite i WILL  get the pictures to you tommorow


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