Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bead 79 your Llama!!!!!

today was a pretty awsome and fast passing day :)
a synopsis for you:
went to classes
got finished with them went home for "quanity" time with my bunny
went to the neighbors for ride to my moms school
arrived at mamas school just in time for pizza rolls and cupcakes
left mamas school and got a big bushel of basil and rosemary
went to go get my flu shot
got my flu shot

AND got some awsome photos threw out the day

first off  a hydrangea

second some eggs that i will be buying soon from a local farmer
arnt they beautiful? I gasped as my mom showed me them.. te he the person whom actually owned the said eggs was suprised that i was so excited about them, um colorful organic eggs...hell yes excitment?

oh i can wait!!!!! to get some they are all so beautiful and unique. im also am planning to do some arts-and-crafts with the gourgus (yes thats how i spell it) shells.
he he ^_^
i amost got ran over getting this and a few other photos of these babys (and most definatly did get fussed at by the person behind our vehicle).Either way it was worth it . I left my chubby shadow in the photo,i thought it was cute and also my shadow isnt that chubbie i was in alot of layers today because it was freaking cold today.
My bead today is of course a llama
suprisingly not made of my llama fibers but just nice regular natural colored wool

what sounds do llamas make? humm????
bray? whinny? moo?
i have no idea
any hoooooo
have a great weekend


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