Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bead 73 growing?

today was a realativly good and preductive day I:
went to yardsales and got some pretty cool stuff
saw my brother and sister and ate breakfast with them
went to the grocery store
went to my favorite yarn shop to get some wool and yarn (as if i "need" any more)
help clean the house
and made chicken alfredo for dinner
good day in my opinion
and i even got a new bead jar
i havent shown you it in a while and it is or was rather bursting at the seams

but now my beads have a nice new roomy home to abide

todays bead is a nice mumblejumble of todays new roving and the feeling color of today
warm, fuzzy, familar, bright and yet new

so gloriusly artsy! no?
i have been looking at my favorite food blogs and am now seriously regretting that dessision
i am hungry!!!!!!
and have been all day for some reason ?odd??? my mom thinks im going threw another growth-spurt
im 18 how many growth spurts can i have left in me?
honestly most of the time i forget how old i am
but any hoo
have a great day tommorow

a hungry (growing?)

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