Friday, October 28, 2011

Bead 86

Are any of you out there knitters or crocheters?
I am both and often get fustrated with people
yes i can knit and crochet my own sweaters ,socks , cool stuff, hats ...ect.
but just how they enjoy receving these things from me (as if i had given them a hunk of magic), i would like to be on the receving end , who dosent love hadmade gifts made from people you love? also its not always too fun to create new patterns for whatever im making
because of course i am picky and WAY too particular about making things to my standards for my lovies
i love them and its gotta be great.

if i could get anything hand made with love, i would adore it
especially now since its starting to become crazy cold.
I know i cant be the only one slightly upset with the "hand made goodie trail"?
I appoligise for this rant it has been a brewing awhile
i finished a project for one of my lovies today
oh lovie do you know how much i care about you?
you can see the project later on a new blog i have created
Dinosaurs and bunnys Rawr!!
its a blog dedicated to my other crafting endevors and some cooking and baking too.

Sorry again for the rant back to the beading!!
i didnt do much today
went to school
tried to take a nap
and got some frozen yougurt
ironically on one of the most freakishly cold days
but i needed fro-yo!
so todays bead is fro-yo
cause i love it who dosent?
Before !!! 


As you can clearly see it was devouered, did you see the last mini-gummy bear corpses
so sad they never had a chance
Happy weekend wishes are sent


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