Monday, October 17, 2011

Bead 75 Life of the damned

I am offically sick :(............but the ironic thing about all of this is that i am ALWAYS sick. I sware any place of public education is a cesspool for germs. which of whom get stronger and stronger each year thanks to all of us ...poo
damn germs
damn super strong germs
damn hand sanitiser and other stuff that make strong germs stronger!!
damn my stupid weak ammune system
man i have damed alot of things today??
i appologise for all  the damning
but it kind of seems slightly necissary for the day
dont get me wrong it wasnt the crummyist as far as days go but the way i felt really took the life out of me
i was a zombie today after my first two morning classes i called my dad and asked him if he wanted to go out to lunch (my previous plans for food didnt work out) after i called him afew times, he clearly could hear the raspy beconing of illness in my voice and agreed to go out to lunch and take my home for medicine and my phone charger (for my brand new phone which compleatlly died after a weekend of charging?).
I waited for him on the steps directly outside my last building for an hour and a half .....
just sat motionless there,
 i was too tired to move
 too tired to breathe
ergo  I  zombie
where MY brains went ..nobody knows
ergo my bead

i know he only has one arm but dont most zombies?
he is pretty cute for a zombie no?
im hot and cold all at the same time and am halfway covered in a comfature(i am a horrible speller forgive me) and basking in the fan
i dont think that is a good sign
hopefully tommorow will better
i am pumped with cold meds and vapor rub
exausted and smellly ,wonderful combination
stay safe in this germy zombie infesteted world out there

an infected

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