Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bead 60

today was a pretty good day , it started kind of gross i was crazy conjested and had a headache. so i thought i would take a quick nap before church which ended up being about three hours.
then i woke up feeling alittle bit better and set of for a required play for one of my classes

it was riviting, the coustume and set design was steam-punk and there was tons of chartruse in the costumes.
te-he i love chartruse
after that my class went for pizza (from the super awsome pizza place beside campus)
i smuggled in candy at the show
yep at a fancy smacy play i bring contriban candy
im that kind of rebel.
sad. cute. true.
today is a candycorn
one of my favorite fall treats and the epitome of my rebbellion
(hey some kids do drugs or join gangs, i knit, crochet and sneek candy in fancy plays)

ta da!!!!!
i will post photos of my loot from saterday soon and will also stop doing SO much candy
before we all die of sugar accoma
i honestly eat pretty healthy (as hard as it is to belive)
i need sleep and love

happy week wishes are sent yalls way


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