Monday, July 2, 2012

Bead 334 feeding my habit

sigh......I have emerdged deeper and deeper into my love of the designer toy world...It is day 14 water and food rations have become increasingly thin, I fear that I will soon have to kill something ....
okay I'm totally joking but I seriously am starting to become ingrossed in the land of designer toys! Being a designer would be like one of the top dream jobs I want, but allas all I can do for now is dream. And buy more  cool stuff / art supplies / art / designer toys / plants / yarn /other necessities. Those things cost money though, which I have some of but not enough to be "frivolus" with it. plus I have difficulty spending money......but I got a commission  from a friend a few days ago (the first one in a long time) and although it was freakishly stressful I got finished pretty quickly, and now have extra cash to feed my habit. WHICH I LOVE!!!! so now I have began to hustle some of my homies to get commissions to continue to maintain my moderatly frivolus brain.
I enjoy doing commisions for freinds they know: The quality of my work, how my noggin works so they know how to awnser my questions, general accepteance of my process, and also no shipping cost, I can talk to them asap to get info about things, less stress then a commission from a stranger.
so hopefully I can get a few other small commissions soon from freinds and family to help me continue to get my fix.
a designer toy-ish bead today


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