Monday, July 16, 2012

Bead 348 cheering up and gobbling cherries

I woke up at 7o'clock this morning:
  • watched my show.
  • crock misure for breakfast.
  • picked up one of the freakishly huge cabinets (purchased be the fam on the weekend) from the storage place.
  • postponed an icky meeting till tomorrow
  • went thrift shopping and stayed way under my budget!
  • shipped off the package to my uncle and the artist postcard to my homie
    he is heading to Texas!
  • went shopping  slight food for organic cornmeal, the best chocolate milk ever, and little natural fresh mozzarella balls
  • for supper had a tiny caprese salad, a piece of bread with butter, olive oil and a smidge of course salt, and oodles of yummy cherries
still sadish about the ickyness of the meeting tomorrow, but what is life? The point of the day is that I was on MY PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I set out and seised the day like I wanted to, even though I am mortified over change at least I am trying to triumph though my fears
cherry bead today, for the luckiness of having such a good day

life is difficult at times but everything will eventually even out, hope yours is going smoothly
*****UPDATE: Got a wonderful surprise**********

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