Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bead 352 real talk....

my poor laptop has a virus >_<
I keep on getting pop-up, seriously icky pop-ups.
the kind that no young lady (or anyone) ever wants to get....pornographic.......sooooo, yeah not happy about that and  I am avoiding the computer like the plague until my tech guy comes back from vacation. I know enough about technology to survive, I know how to run a scan, and have been doing that multiple times a day, but Alas, I still have something wrong with my laptop.
today's not been the happiest of one unfortunately. My mama and I have been preparing for a yard sale and we also have a few snakes in the sun room, so more sorting out old stuff and searching for said snakes will be my tomorrow. peanutbutter is temporarily living in the kitchen till the snakes are back to their woodsy home where they belong. I have been elected to be the snake wrangler, I'm not too thrilled about that....
they are just 2 foot long black rat snakes.
I got bored and doodled all over myself, this is a tattoo that I want though.....sigh soon hopefully
just a plain big black coiled bead today

hope for super friendly snakes like nofeet from little bear!!!!

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