Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bead 342

I hate money. everything about money is awful.
Today I took about 20 leaps back on my journey to happiness.
Life is hard, expectations from others including the now business of education.
apparently "we" as human beings "need" to have some form of greater education to be considered a "valuable member of society". Well on my way to becoming an actual person I have been hit with so many obstacles, and today had a hell of an obstacle.
money is evil, and the formation of the foundation of greater education on said evil is almost too sad to think about.
Unfortunately the world have been smacking me in the face with these cold hard facts at least 12 times so far, all today has been an overcast gray smudge on my otherwise good week.
blackish gray smudgy bead today.

I know later/ life will get better but I'm tired, sad and over it.

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