Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bead 355

today started off crazy horrible, after all the action of yesterday I woke up not being able to move....seriously, it took me 30 minutes just to be able to wiggle-fall out of bed but eventually it was done, my bones feel as if they were formed from porcelain, they feel crackly and fragile...which to be honest doesn't feel awesome but egh what is life?
anyhoo the day got better, I went out for a Sunday estate sale and scored so much stuff!! all for under 10$ total.

this is less then half of the awesome loot I got today
the rest of the day has been consumed by packing or placing new stuff,
being crazy stupid happy for no reason (which is awesome)
marveling over a new "replacement" pitcher which is a duck that spits out my juice!mama bought it for me!

singing don't fear the reaper
figuring out new things to make
blocking a majority of the pop-up-thingy-majigies
loosing track of time
discussing death plans with a dear friend (in a good way not a creepy way)
looking up new artist to share
and just living life.
a bead with a silly hat for today!

have beautiful week

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