Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bead 358 You can't steal flowers...

I real don't think that it is physically possible to steal flowers, yes people can claim to "own" flowers but seriously they are there for everyone to love, enjoy, and use. To further relate this to the context of my day, let's just say that hypothetically my neighbors are out of town, they hypothetically  have a patch of wildflowers at the side of their house. I borrowed a few cornflowers from said patch.......... hypothetically
I tried to make ink with it but ended up failing miserably for the second time.....sigh I'll give it a rest for a smidge so hypothetically the corn flower population can grow larger. I've also sewn some arms for LSP I also felted her a sandwich to occupy her pocket.

I love the small pudgyness of her fingers, they remind  me of my snausages
tiny pudgy hand bead today


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  1. I am really sad that you're already to bead 359 now. You've almost done a full year! I do hope that you continue after a year, I love reading your stories!