Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bead 346 is it racist?

okay I am not racist but I do enjoy being silly with friends and family.
I finished an artist trading postcard that I'm going to send to my homie that has started up a cool postal exchange for artist around the world to share original art the good ol' fashion way of snail mail. (I'll share the pic of the art later, she might be watching? like a ninja?)

I also packaged up a second hat made for one of my favorite uncles. the first one got lost in the mail and really broke my heart, it was a super amazing hat made out of a wool/ silk blend that was sucked up into the belly of the shipping beast never to see the world again.....but I made a replacment one to ship on monday, I wrote and drew little inside jokes of a "latino" package and across the seal reading "Mexi-can? or Mexi-can't?" yes it has a mustache and a sumberros
todays bead is a mini wool replica of the package
have a nice tommorow

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