Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bead 361 yard sale!

the title says it all.......... we had a yard sale today to clear some unwanted items and get them the heck out of our house. we have been prepairing for awhile and it really ended up paying off. everything was clean, organized and labled. tons of interesting (possibly crazy) people showed up, chatted forever, and took away things we didn't need/want anymore.
we had a great turn-out, got that crap out of my house, and ended up making about 136$ (my cut ended up being 70$)

th rest of the day was occupied by:
celebratory burritos for supper
pretend shopping spree online (and composing a list of possiblities for the newly earned fundage)
pain from selling for seven hours
simple money green bead today, I was going to embroider a dollar sign but my hands are too sore/shakey to do so :(


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