Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bead 351adventure time-ish day!

not the show, even though I am a hardcore fan.... But today was a super surprising adventure of a day.
I had only originally planned to do a few errands and go visit my sister but much more ended up happening.
Woke up early like I have been usually, had a light breakfast and we were off on our way.
thrift shop (purchased nothing).
returning borrowed dolly-thingy (the crud that you move furniture with?)
took an unexpected shopping spree at the international super mart (got hungry)
purchased a huge thing of tacos, for an  impromptu "taco party"
had fun
went home found other thrift store goods bought the other day and cleaned them up (adorable Buddha in the studio)
received my postcard from a friend

at the international super mart I bought beautiful Ube yams for a recipie I have been wanting to try for a while ironically the yams were right smack dab in the middle of the frozen sushi supply isle,right near the shrip and seaweed which I really got a chuckle out of.
ube colored bead

love ya'll! -m

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