Friday, November 11, 2011

Bead 99 Me, my cyst and I

I have an ovarian cyst, its about the size of a tennis ball the last time i had it checked
it bothers me from now and again
and it bothered me today
which was quite a lumpy/icky/good-ish day
class was the icky part,
me feeling throbbing pain was the lumpy part,
and the good parts included :
dad picking me up early

getting ice cream together
reciving my Zombie Kit in the mail

Again i dont think you are creepers ,but you can never be to safe

and i got a bright pretty tiny red maple leaf

also some other things that happened later on really helped my day, mama was the sweet-heart that she always is and we had fajitas and potato soup (i know it sounds gross but it was actually pretty good) for dinner and i finally was able to take my pain medication. so all in all it was a pretty good-ish day.
todays bead is my cyst
even though he is a real burdon at times, he really allows and reminds me to slow down and take it easy some times.
(yes my cyst is a he)

tommorow is bound to be better too, i get to bring a snack to class, mama is taking me to school and picking me up, and a ton of other stuff is in the works too.
have a great friday

a cysty

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