Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bead 118 cone of shame

today has been a pretty good day it started off  kindof  hairy but all-in-all was bad
i woke up early and finished a huge paper that for a moment there i thought couldnt be done (one more paper to go!) and had a nice cup of hot chocolate with my mom for breakfast.

 peanutbutters picture in the mochimochi photo contest got honerable mention , not to shabby for the first year trying, seeing as there were over 600 pictures entered. maybe next year... i already have some big things planned

krakers has taken all the fur of of her feet but  i contacted a vet that specialised in treating rabbits, he reasured me that krakers is fine and to add a bit more padding to her house and make sure shes eating and drinking  well and is  not forming sores on them.

 went to school ........bla bla bla

and after school went to the pet store to get a "cone of shame"(really called an e-collar) for krakers with dad, suprisingly he bought treats for both bunnies  and i got to snap some photos of the pretty birds.

krackers my own personal "rosemarys baby" has already proceeded to chew the heck out of it, and take it off by herself

so my bead is a cone of shame

have an awsome tommorow and please send good vibes my way so i can finish this paper

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  1. What nice photos! E-collars are no fun for anyone. Our Oreo had one when she had her spay surgery cos I kept thinking she was messing with her stitches. I felt so bad I took it off of her after we came home from work. I put my sleeping bag by her home and had a "bunny sleepover" to watch her through the night.