Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bead 95

today i was much more preductive but wayyyyyyyyyyyy
more exausted
i dont like changing time
its a horrible rule made up by a horrible person
its not even 9 Oclock yet i am absolutly exausted

today i:
got up,
felt yucky,
took medicine,
got up again,
got dresses for real this time,
bought knitting needles and yellow wool,
went to the grocery store,
used a ton of coupons,
went home,
unpacked groceries,
folded clothes and knitted with my new needles,
made fajatias for dinner,
cleaned my room,
and attempted to read a play,
i knitted a little bunny
mochimochi land :tiny baby bunnies
from this pattern right here
i wanted to be prepared and know how to knit with itty-bitty size 1 knitting needles before my prize gets here, i havent mentioned it before but i won a prize of a zombie knitting kit from the same blog the bunny pattern came from,i am so excited and i cant wait till it comes!!!!

my bead to day is a slightly esqued sleepy one today
i tink every one has difficulty adjusting to the ever changing times of this world and it needed to be personified in bead form

have a great week everyone and please send me some good vibes
for some reson i have a fealing i will need them this week
a going to bed as soon as this post is over

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