Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bead 112

i just relised something about five minutes ago......and it was a dusey
i have enough wool to cover a sheep, literally i have alot!
ugh that makes me sad and happy all at the same time
but back to today i got alot-ish done
including (but not limited to):
going to see my sister in bro(in-lawish)
eating breakfast casserole that mama  and i prepared yesterday

the recipe will be posted soon on my new food/baking/cooking blog that im going to be lauching asap

folded clothes
ran a ton of arrands
knittted ALOT
and started organizing the stuff for tommorow
honestly i should already be asleep and bracing myself for delicious smells and SO MUCH COOKING  and possibly some more fun stuff thrown in along the way
todays bead is a pillow
and exactly what i desperatly need to hit some time soon.
made from llama

ojos will have to wait till tommorow
to tired to find them now
happy thanksgiving

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