Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bead 97 crap happens

today was a heck of a day. the crap really hit the fan though
but i think it needed to happen
sometimes it needs to happen
what makes the flowers grow ?
so im going to hope for flowers out of this crap of a day
because tommorow is bound to be better
love can concure anything and today after all the difficulties and crap
i was reminded that all i need it the people who really love me
i think that counts as  the first flower?
so todays bead is crap
funny. immature. a reminder.

crap does happen in everyones life but
we live to see another day
i am a big brave lion
i have big heart
(and a big mouth at times)
and can overcome allot
i already have
so tommorow here i come , a bigger person
love yall
have a great tommorow

a tired,loving

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