Friday, November 25, 2011

Bead 114 dust and mold

a good majority of today was filled with mama and i dusting and bleaching the walls.
we are super allergic in this house and i haven't dusted in my room for a good long while, so i have been waking up feeling like crap all the time, but i can breathe so much better already.
its not as if we are gross and dont clean but I'm just really sensitive with everything
also mama and flipped over the couch to dust and clean underneath it
where we found:
a pair of my little ginger scissors
dust bunnies
candy wrappers
and a moldy oyster cracker
 we didnt imediatly pick up and discard the cracker because we were getting ready to cook lunch
side story:
Dunt da
DUnt da
da dada DA DA DA
she inched closer mouth agape
ready to strike
closer, closer
I peeked my head out of the kitchen door
she imediatly squealed and skidded to her lare (the pile of shreaded phonebook underneath  the couch)

dont worry she didnt eat the moldy craker and i imedatly scooped it up and threw  it in the trash.
i sware that bunny would try to getr away with murder if she could
i would probably let her, i love her so
but back to the moldy bead
thats what it is

just moldy and beautiful all at the same time
have a wonderful weekend

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