Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bead 107 PIZZAAHH!!!!!

so today was a pretty randomish day
its was crazy cold this morning 28 degrees to be exact
every thing was frozen this morning including me

isn't it pretty? its an ashe tray
but its okay
class past by pretty fast
and when i got home i watched movies for awhile
looked up more recipes for the upcoming week
clipped coupons for my plans tommorow

and also went to my favorite pizza place for dinner with my parents, where i learned that they really give me pretty girl discounts. my dad ordered and paid like 6 bucks more then i normally do because for me i can use a coupon for a free pizza and get the 10$ for a large 2 you live you learn i guess? I know for a fact that dad will be making me order from now on. But that is okay with me, they guys there are pretty nice but i dont think they relies that I'm just 18. Age is just a number but they all are atleast six years older then me.but back to the bead:
ingredients(i know i haven't done this in forever, sorry)
crust: onion skins, dyed by yours truely
cheese: natural llama
peperoni: pre-dyed red

have an awsome weekend

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