Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bead 109

i am having some serious tumbly grumblies right now
indigestion SUCKS!!!!!!
i need to seriously heal up before thanksgiving and have no reason to have indigestion now at all
but besides the serious tumbly grumblies today has been a pretty good day
i finished knitting tiny bunnys for the mochimochi photo contest
and based it to be like gulliver's travels
oh peanutbutter was a great model today , unlike krackers whom i originally intended to photograph
she went on a tirade flinging little bunnies everywhere as if she were Godzilla, but its kind of expected from her..... she has always had alot of spunk and im happy that her feet issues arnt hindering her spirit.

i hope i do well........
but back to the bead
i did a funky stomach
can you hear it gurgle and grumble now?

have a good and short work week

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