Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bead 104 monster

today was a pretty awsome day
partlly because,
i happened apon this handsome gentleman

which totally helped cheer up my day even more
i even got silly with his photo session, as if i wouldn't be

monster vs. zombie who will win?
so of corse he had to be my bead
in all his purpley glory

I know for a fact that you cant look at him and not smile
Have a beautiful tommorow

a sleepy, monstery


  1. I just realized my comment never went through, because I totally declared my love for this little guy when I posted about my stuffed animals/amigurumis!

  2. I would still totally love to do a craft swap with you if you would still like to. I can make a monster brooch for you in whatever color(s) you would like. But I cant make it before the 13th. I am in the middle of college exams right now .....but it would be so fun to do a swap