Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bead 115

today was a real mixed bag, im not feeling to well and am really need a long, big brake from school.
i need rest, art, love, and warmth
soon soon soon
my big-ol container of wool is singing to me
so is my couch
I'm scared ALLOT of the time about life,school, family,life, love, catch my drift dont you?
but im taking it a day (more like an hour) at a time
and did have some nice things happen to me
in our house mama and i call them peanut butter sandwiches
a preacher a long time ago told us to thank God for the tiny some what insignificant things going on in your life/ or day, although they might not be the biggest or best blessing around, they sustain us and carry us through another day.
so todays bead is a peanut butter sandwich

have a good tommorow
im going to take some meds, turn on the heater and sleep.. sleep .sleep
and try to have a better day myself

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