Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bead 110

today was a pretty awsome day
art history class:passed by fast and my teacher told me at the end "Be sure to engage in the sin of gluttony so you can have fun repenting for it later" oh how i love him!!
play analasis class (not actually what its called): we had to check in at the library as if we were 6 years old and do research....egh..not that fun today.....

big time break between classes filled with knitting and munching the little snacks that i had in my bag
a granola bar
a mint
2 bottled waters

mythology class: awsome as usual but I WAS STARVING, my stomach was growling so so LOUD.

so as soon as my dad could come get me we went for cheap fast food TACOS!! nachos as well!!

i devowered them like Godzilla crushed buildings.YEP THAT EPIC!!!
so cheese covered nacho it is today
cause who dosent love nachos?
Crazy people thats who...whom? either way its people crazier then me.
onion dyed chip and pre-processed cheese

have a great tommorow
almost there!!!

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