Monday, November 14, 2011

Bead 103

today wasnt bad
i have been eaten up by worries all day but other then that im ok
im so tired, i have to register for next semesters classes but i cant officially do it untill 12:01 tonight
irony, the one day i want to go to bed early i NEED to stay up late.
im so tired
krackers is doing better, she wont leave her bandages on
and more fur is starting to grow back
i hope tommorow is great
i need to have a great day
i cant wait for thanksgiving
and would skip class
ergh .. exaustion isnt fun :(
but love and family are
i will eventually be okay and i know it
todays bead is a star
i need some wishes to come true
do you?

have a great tommorow and please pray that i can do the same
a big brave (exausted) lion

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