Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bead 102 scared and sock

today i woke up feeling overly crummy and went to go be lump in my parents big warm bed for awhile,
i was for a good long time,
they past me by a few times to check on me but other than that i was motionless for the first half of the morning.
then i went to go grab krackers so i could snuggle with someone.
and i did for a while
(in my parents bed ,dont tell)
she was having a fun time bouncing and binkeying around when i noticed something up with her foot. so i scooped her up imediatly and checked out her foot.
 her poor tiny foot on the underside was pink and hairless
and had a small sore in the middle.
so being the over protective mother that i am i freaked out and frantically called my parents and tried to figure out the cause of her problem
i still dont know how it happened.
but she is doing better now
i made her a sock for her foot to act as padding until the hair grows back 
and will be montoring it.
she didnt have it yesterday ,
but mama says she will be fine and that little bitty hairs are already starting to grow back

my bead today is a bunny sock

please pray for krakers
i know things will end up being okay but still.........
a worried

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