Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bead 108

well im glad i got that out of my system
today was the kind of day where it went so well but so bad (at the same time) that all you can do is either sit in letheragy or scream. I got to see my sister and bro(in-lawish), krakers continues to take hair off the bottom of her feet, i got yarn, i couldn't find or get a good recomindation for a vet that specialises in rabbits, i had pie...chocolate cream pie, the heat went off in our house, krackers binkyed played and isnt getting to much discomfort from her feet (as far as i can tell)........are you sencing the pattern here?
ups and downs
lumps and bumps
and an all around beautiful-icky day
but tommorow is bound to be better
so today is a chartruse plain bead
chartruse is such an beautiful and sickly looking color, all at the same time , without even trying
its the fiber of the new yarn that i got today
if you could pray and or send good vibes Krackers way it would be greatly appreciated

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