Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bead 119 Big brave lion

I'm a big brave lion
big brave lion
I had a realativly good day but ive been really nervous about everything going on in my life, and carried a little glow in the dark star in my pocket all day to ease my anxiety
I'm that kind of person
 i always have been
even when i was little ......
but back to day my mind was really ugly to me but its okay ill be better soon
my mom reasured me and I deep down know i will be okay
so todays bead is a "big" brave lion like me

now lets all say awwwww!! at the same time
tommorow is the last hurtel keeping us from friday, but i think we can get over it together
have a great day
RAWWWR! te-he ^_^

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