Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bead 456 tricks and treats

so today was a pretty awesome day in general but filled with both tricks and treats
first of all I had an amazing critique in my sculpture class and he even used the word "excellent"
^___^ swoon
he even is taking time out of his own schedule to photograph my sculpture and a few other peoples in my class for our portfolios

after that I was on a high and was subsequently just as awesome, Halloween grab bag/ paper roll sale at the art supply store (I got all that stuff in the picture for 2$), THE GREAT PUMPKIN, no trick-or-treaters so more candy for me!!!

the only real downer/ trick  to my day came after I was done shopping at the art supply store I was putting up my hair and rearranging things to carry all my stuff easier and just happened to smile at a "gentleman" passing by on the street just to be nice but for some reason he tried to take a paintbrush of was really odd and creepy he chuckled put it back and said he was just joking, he remained there for a few minutes as if he wanted me to start a conversation with him, then he just sauntered away down the street into the coffee was super weird. And seriously dude? It wasn't attractive or appropriate to take things from girls you liked when you were four and it is especially creepy when your 40. he was old enough to be my dad....not cool.....
oh well whateves his creepyness didn't hinder the rest of my day in the least!
I've had the purple people eater song stuck in my head, so a purple-people-eater colored bead seems fitting for today!

have a nice tommorow

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