Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bead 436

today was a nice but a slightly peculiar day.
touched up my painting all a mildly snide comment on my painting from a rude girl in my class..... what eves
after the touch ups and chill time I had my actual painting class, it went okay.I'm proud of my progress and I know I can still get better, that's all that matters.
after that my cousin and I went out for a late lunch, we went to a Japanese place that neither of us had been to before, it was DELICIOUS!!! I got the lunch special of steak and mushrooms with a big pile of fried rice and sweet carrots. yum! it was a ginormous amount of food for under 6$ so much so that I even needed a to-go box.
luckily I didn't stuff my face too much and we went to a new fro-yo place right by the Japanese place, it was okay and had a super weird vibe....
browned cut mushroom bead today, they were so freaking delicious even cold!


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