Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bead 435 painted and cut

I felt allot of joy today, which I really needed.
the first few stages, trust me it gets better.
mostly I painted, like pretty much all day. from the time I woke up till a few minutes ago, just painting...of course there were some pauses and breaks in between such as:
- to go to school for one class
- to treat my wound >_< I accidentally cut into my finger pretty deep when I was searching for my tube of cadmium yellow medium, my pallet scraper was so caked with paint that I couldn't put the blade in a safe position sooooo the whole corner of it wound up in my finger, it took over 30 minutes for me to get the bleeding to stop but I am so stoked that it  finally did (cause all I need is a trip to the urgent care). mad at the color yellow and totally agree with Van Gogh that yellow is the color of ultimate evil......
my wound right after it stoppped bleeding
- to make a super yummy supper
- to just enjoy my family and have quality time with my bunny child

cut bead today, don't get me wrong for the most part today I really enjoyed it but unfortunately I can still quite feel the painting wound

have a happy and safe tomorrow

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