Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bead 452 halloween party!

today was a pretty awesome day, got to hang out with mama in the morning go to breakfast, do some light thrift shopping and got to hang out with my sister again a smidgen as well.
this evening was occupied at a friends younger sisters party. for the most part I had fun and helped set up and I even brought a rice crispy loaf with Reese's pieces, monster.
some of her friends could have been punched in the face by me not really but they were okay for the most part, but rowdy  as of them who also dressed as a hoochie bunny ended up falling through the screen door, It was hilarious for a few seconds plus the fact that she just stayed there face flat on the screen for a long time (and she was perfectly fine and wasn't hurt at all, I normally never laugh or find it funny when people fall but this was ironic and priceless as all get out). after that my friend and I dropped afew of the kids off at a local haunted trail,and went to the bookstore to hang out incase they got out in about an hours time. we had fun there and ended up getting some coffee and tried not to fall asleep right then and there.
but it all was so fun and much needed for me
halloween orange bead today


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