Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bead 442 LS Pancakes

I had a pretty good and lucky day but haven't felt right for most of it.
-favorite janitor let me in early and wished me a very good day
-got pretty far on a project, plus my professor liked it
-candy and a semi well balanced lunch
-quick astronomy class
-mom picking me up a smijum early
-cute little wax packaged cheese that helled me over (till..)
-no homework

not so positives:
-forgetting my morning meds
-not feeling well
-slight miscommunication between mom picking my up early
-feeling gross from gobbling up cute little waxed packaged cheese

the major positive had to be Brinner (breakfast-dinner). we made lumpy-space pancakes

 and oh my glob were they delicious! LS Pancake for todays bead

tomorrows another day and my "Friday" of an incredibly short work week so I know it will be great
hope yours is too

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