Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bead 428

odd day.
but I got through it
  • went to class
  • finished my cast
  • was honorary professor once my real professor bailed after he lectured- helped a bazillion people in my class finish and do their work
  • finished class
  • talked to a friend and forced myself to eat
  • walk to next class
  • sat through class, understand material, and got both pop quiz questions right :)
  • found a friend to give him birthday cupcakes in zip-lock baggies as if it were drugs..(I care, honestly I do but the fact of the matter is I enjoy being the sweetest person I can to everyone, but I'm crazy too, so therefore totally sweet gestures sometimes go alittle awry and just make me look crazier)
  • spent 121$ for more art supplies
  • went home
  • did more work, work, work, work
Super tired,like brain melting kind of tired
shower was probably the most dope thing that happened today
just random bead today

I thank goodness that tommorow is my "Friday"

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