Friday, October 12, 2012

Bead 437 Frankenweenie

pretty awesome and productive day, I was able to sleep late, prepared breakfast casserole  for tomorrow and a sheet of unintentional Blondie's. Then  I got the urge to go out and do something different, so there came frankenweenie...I have been wanting to see it for months so I hit up a good buddy of mine and of on an adventure we went!!! We left almost 2 hours before the show just so we would have time to wonder to whatever places suited our fancy, so we went to the local comic book store where we had a fun time searching for some cool vintage stuff (I also found and bought an  adventure time comic)
we even had extra-extra time still so we went to the book store by the theater too, had fun, acted silly, touched stuff, smelled weird candles, and found new sketch books ^_^
by the time we made it to the theater we were still relatively early but we tried to purchase tickets for the showtime that we saw advertised when we looked it up earlier, but for some reason we pulled aside by the adorably plump manager whom informed us that they had had technically difficulties in one of the theaters earlier today and how they had just canceled the time for our showing......super bummer for like two second both of totally thought movie adventure nite was over but the manager made  both our day by allowing us in to the most recent show that started playing 2 minutes before we had arrived and he also comped our 3-d glasses charge too!!! saving both her and I over 30$ it was so incredibly sweet of him and we thanked him, got are snack in a hurry and luckily only missed some of the previews. the movie it self was so awesome, I'm a Tim Burton groupie, but go see it!!! I won't be a spoiler so you have to go see it if you get a chance.
sparky inspired bead today


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