Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bead 430 los Montañas

SO TODAY WAS AN ADVENTURE!!! and quite a totally unexpected one, my neighbors were nice enough to take me out on a belated birthday lunch. I didn't get to choose the place (which to be honest I'm still abit miffed about) but we ended up going to a moderately upscale-ish kind of place (ie totally not my style, I was craving Japanese and rather have amazing little hole in the wall/family run joints then overly priced icky food) the food and service was unfortunate but we all did hatch a brilliant plan to go on a random trip to the mountains. So that is exactly what we did.

went to some little country stores, pig paths, scenic routes and little places along the parkway.
peach NE HI, crocheting, cool mountain air, the leaves weren't as pretty as they should have been (do to the funky weather we had this year), but it was still so much fun! we are planning a pottery excursion soon too...
mountain bead today

have a lovely weekend

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