Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bead 429

Amazing day, and quite a needed one if I do say so myself.
-poetry midterm this morning.
-had fun mixing actual colors and pigments!!! (even thought the class still life is really muted colors) we also had a really inspiring disscussion about the importance of artist in this world
- was starving after though  so I went out for gourmet burgers with my cousin
-then went to my "field trip" for etching class which was a tiny little museum who's mission is to preserve the history of a small  African American community of brick factory workers and their families remaining homes, less then one block really remains of the original community but the pride and admiration for it still exists. now its mainly factories and big car dealerships surrounding the historic land but the few families that still own property are steadfast about keeping the history and the past alive for future generations. The whole stories and houses are beautiful and I very glad for the opportunity to go and learn more about my home town from such glorious and wise individuals. our class is going to donate are artwork to the museum and I am as thrilled as I could be.
brick bead today

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