Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bead 439

weird but good day.

woke up with the ickys as It took me a super long time to get up and get going too. But I eventually did get up take a nice long shower and get ready for the remainder of the day ahead of me, we went to one downtown estate sale, it was for a super old book store. I remember going in there a few times when I was little and the glorious smell of all the ancient books and the walls that were funny colors and fuzzy in places. I only got a few things from there but really had a nice time touching and re-exploring the building
the most odd thing I purchased today was an old, old, old, stuffed pig, made at a blind school. It was so cute and gloriously funny that I could not leave him behind. in fact as my mom and I were searching the various flights of the old shop we started singing a "song" (more like semi-melodious loud repetitive sentence of "BLIND-PIG, BLIND-PIG, BLLLLIIINND-PIG!") anyhoo blind pig shaped bead today

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