Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bead 445

joyfully satisfied with my progress and journey today. despite being anemic out of my mind I got up went happily to yard sales like usual. family time. home getting new treasures out of the vehicle. chill time with PB , helped around the house.I received my marshalls' in the mail !
And lastly got the fam to get me a ginormous burrito for supper. I got so many things in it I'm surprised that it didn't burst on the way home, but it didn't and apparently the people at the burrito place loved my parents today, they gave me so many fixings (including sliced avocado ^__^ YUM!) a ridiculous amount of chips (when I say ridiculous I mean it like a huge bag of the fresh ones they make in the store including really yummy red ones) and salsa all for a little under 8$. um awesomesauce much?
red chip bead today!

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