Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bead 417

long day, but It could have been much longer.
thank you God!!!
Mama and I helped with the salsa contest and pie contest...
ugh I didn't really enjoy either that much but I did enjoy bringing a big slice of my extra berry pie to my favorite gentleman friend (with Alzheimer's)
he was so happy beyond belief when we asked was he hungry for pie.
he acted as if had received a gift from God himself, and delightfully said yes, he showed it off to a few people, carefully finished unwrapping it, found a comfy seat, and ate it slow and gleefully for over an hour.
gotta love that, so that certainly put a nice shine to the remainder of the work day, we also got a yummy buttery pretzel to split (we need at least one "fair food" excursion every season) and got a dollar off from the nice man working at the stand, who says karma doesn't exist?
the highpoint still hands down was giving joy to such a sweet man
joyous pie bead today

have a pretty tomorrow dearies!

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