Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bead 425 Farm-fest

As I told you yesterday brace yourself.....
have you?
okay! Well today my family and I went to a local crafting/fiber event called farm fest.
 Its been going on about ten years now but this was the first time we were actually able to go. It was awesome but not as big as I had expected it to be  with just a few vendors, a couple different animals, ammature bagpipers/ Scottish music group. I got to see my boss there too :) Even though it was so small and quaint I still had a fun time, the food was good I had a "beef" pita (I can never admit that I ingested any creature that wool comes from and bahhhs...) homemade hummus, and  a Greek vegetable salad. I ended up buying some handmade size 19 dpns, two big glorious skeins of hand dyed/ spun yarn from a really nice older couple whom you could tell really cared for their sheep and what they , TWO POUNDS of Navajo churro fleece which is totally a bunch for me seeing as I am not anything close to a professional  and in reality never "need" that much of one kind of wool....but I did need it! I could only buy it from the farm it self in pre-weighed sheer weight, and (un)fortunately only one of the ones that I wanted was in small enough weight for me to be able to purchase.
Now I am a proud own of two pounds of Phoebe (the sheeps name)
so my bead is made from her!


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